Wire Mesh Fence

Double Loop Decorative Fence

Double loop wire fence structure: The edges are cylinder rolled with cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire, forming a whole with the mesh sheet and fixing with joint accessories and steel pipe pillars.

Surface treatments: Hot dipped galvanized,  Electro galvanized,  PVC coated, PVC spraying.

Double Loop Decorative Fence Features:

  • Double loop decorative fencing offers the advantages of excellent corrosion resistance, anti-aging and anti-aging property.
  • Sunshine resistance and weather-proof property.
  • The polyester coating is able to guarantee longevity.
  • With different colors can make the fence more attractive.
  • Double loop decorative fence not only has a beautiful and elegant outlook but also has a durable structure.
  • Easy and quick to transport and install.
  • The welded wire mesh panel of double loop decorative fence have loops at the top and bottom edge of panel. The posts with plastic caps connect with the panels whilst retaining high rigidity.

Application: Park,  Private garden, Playgrounds, Play areas, Pedestrian zone,  Public restriction area,  Factory fencing and Residence fencing and house fencing, etc.

European Style Fence

Material:low carbon steel wire

The Opening Size: 50mm*200mm or as you request

The wire diameter: 4mm or as you request

The height:2m or as you request

The width: 2.5m or as you request

Surface treament: galvanized and spray plastics

Colours:green, white, and other colours

The post : peach shaped fence

Zinc Steel Assembled Fence

1. Our fence with a permanent coating, not rusty, non-fading, not powder, non-aging, not falling off, vivid colors and durable.

2. Free solder assembly design, installation quick and easy to install.

3. four-layer anti-corrosion treatment for more than 20 years of life, solved the problems of traditional products with corrosion, chalking, cracking and other problems within a short time, eliminated the cost of product maintenance and updates.

4. Environmental protection, non-pollution, solving the problems of ordinary products pollute buildings.
5. Good flexibility performance, substrate steel railing and flexible so that the fencing product has good impact resistance.

6. Imitating porcelain technique process surface of Electrostatic Spraying , so that barrier product has a good self-cleaning properties, by means of rainfall and water gun spraying can be bright and clean like new.

7. Zn-Al alloy fittings - stainless steel safety bolts, anti-stealing designs, a solution to your worries.

8. under buried installation and foot-plate installation,, saving the cost of your building foundation, but also saves land resources.

Installation Standards


Fencing Unit(mm)

Height of Upright Post(mm)

1000-1800 1200-2000

Material Specification


16*16*1.0 19*19*1.0 25*25*1.0

Spancing of Upright Posts(mm)



32*32*1.2 40*40*1.2 45*451.2

Upright Post fixation

Embedded type or to be fixed by setscrew

Upright Post

Can be chose
50*50*1.5 60*601.5

Wire Mesh Fence Barrier:

Wire mesh barrier is mainly used for residential real estate development (residential zone barrier), factory or warehouse (workshops, warehouse fencing), also for special areas such as zoos, dangerous goods storage area, sports venues and other enclosed areas. It serves as an barrier to separated specific person from specific items or areas. Anping JinBaoLi can produce various types of fence barriers to meet specific requirements for colors, fence height and other specifications.


 1, Beautiful, easy assembly, high strength, good steel property, good vision and so on.
2, Wire mesh fence barrier is made with cold drawn low carbon steel wire welded together, fixed with fittings and steel tube posts.
3, Surface treatments can be galvanizing, plastic spraying or dipping. For those used for outdoors, the surface can be galvanized then plastic coated, with a ten-year service life guarantee.
4, Fence barrier can be widely used in highways, railways, airports, railway stations, service areas, bonded area, open-air storage field, ports and other areas. Our products are made in accordance with the standard of international advanced nations.


Fence Post

Fencing posts are used to support fences and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. For permanent fencing, you should select metal fence posts rather than wooden ones. Steel posts offer a number of advantages over wooden posts:

Lighter in weight;
Extremely durable;
Easy to drive.

The common types of fence posts available include "U" shape, Y shape, T shape and studded fence posts.

We commonly provide metal fence posts in lengths varying from 5 to 8 feet in 6-inch increments. Steel posts normally cost more than wooden posts and can be bent or forced out of line by livestock crowding. Wooden anchor posts placed every 50 to 75 feet are sometimes used to provide added bending resistance for steel line posts.

Fence Accessories

We can produce and supply various security mesh, garden fencing, expressway fence and wire mesh fences, also fencing panels, fencing posts, doors and fencing accessories.