Window Screen Net

  Galvanized Iron Insect Netting

Material: Galvanized Iron Wire.
Color: White, bluish white.
Weaving: Galvanized after weaving or before weaving; plain weave.
Property: Flexible, corrosion resistant, easy cleaning and keeping forms.

  Aluminum Alloy Insect Netting

Aluminum window screen is made of al-mg alloy wire in plain weaving.
Color: Silver bright or charcoal..
Aluminum screening is tough and durable, typically in 18 x 16 mesh, 0.011 diameter screening, suitable for most door and window applications. Aluminum window screen will not rust or mildew. Supplied in rolls or cut pieces.

  Enabled Insect Netting

Commodity Name: Epoxy coated  wire netting and various wire mesh.
Material: Made of superior mild steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, epoxy coated after plain weaving. A variety of colors for your choice.
Features: Light weight, good flexibility, good corrosion resistance and ventilation, easy cleaning, good bright and environmental friendly.

  Fiberglass Insect Netting

Fiberglass screening is constructed of vinyl-coated fiberglass yarns. With its strong, long lasting and not easily damaged makes fiberglass inscect screen the “carefree screening”. Fiberglass screening is available in a choice of several meshes and colors. It is the original equipment on many windows, particularly those windows which have "half-screens," and on many storm windows.Fiberglass screening is also the ideal choice for large patio enclosures and for pool enclosures.

  Plastic Insect Netting

Color: white, green, blue, black, red and so on.
Weaving: Plain weave, twill weave.
Property: Light weight and beautiful appearance.
Application: Civil construction againt flies and mosquito.