Steel Grating

Characteristics of the products:

1:High strength and light structure.

2:Powerful anti-corrosion, durable and long working life.

3:Beautiful appearance, bright surface.

4:No dirt-rain-snow deposit, automatic cleaning ,easy maintenance.

5:Good ventilation, day-lighting, heat-dispersing, resistant to sliding and explosion.

6:Easy installation and disassembly

They are widely used for making platform, trestles, covers, lasers and fencing in many fields such as petroleum and chemical industry, electric power, water supply, sweattreatment, ship building ,parking lost, city construction, environmental enfineering.

Plain serrated l-shape

The Most Popular Specification of Steel Grating:

1、Steel grating with 30mm bearing bar pitch is the most widely used in industrial area. Among the general series. It maintains the strongest resistance to impulsive force.

2、Steel grating with 40mm bearing bar pitch is one of most economical & lightest types. It should be the best choice to customer on the occasion when the clear span is small.

3、Steel grating with 60mm bearing bar pitch & 50mm cross bar pitch is developed specially for mining industry. As it can avoid the mineral splashing down on board, it’s appointed to use in fabrication plant, transfer terminal & other ares of mining.